Floor mats.

Hygiene mats for pool, sauna, shower, solarium and in front of machine workstations

Made in Germany!

tropex floor mats for the barefoot area and wet environments

tropex floor mats have high skid resistance, as well as excellent drainage properties due to their open grid construction. They consist of a strong, flexible PVC profile with base bars to ensure increased drainage of large quantities of water. The construction allows water to flow easily in all directions, which means that the surface remains relatively dry and very non-slip.

Non-slip floor mats are important wherever water is present, especially in public places such as swimming pools, shower rooms and changing rooms.

tropex Bodenmatte Bunt

tropex floor mats have a non-porous PVC profile especially for the wet area (inside and outside)

In the search for the causes of slipping and stumbling, the importance of securing the ground is crucial, necessary and cannot be emphasized enough. This is especially true for places where the floor area is most likely slippery or dangerous.

tropex floor mats not only reduce the risk of slipping and the likelihood of accidents, but also enhance the well-being and hygiene factor of barefoot running. In addition, tropex outdoor floor mats can be used permanently as they are insensitive to temperature and weather conditions.

Why you should use our floor mats

Individually configurable

We manufacture according to your individual wishes. With us you have a wide selection of colors and sizes.

Fast delivery

The maximum delivery time of our floor mats is 14 days within Germany.

25+ years experience

Since 1991 we produce tropex floor mats in the OWL room individually for our customers.
tropex Bodenmatte schwarz

tropex floor mats protect floors and minimize maintenance costs

Up to 80% of the dirt in a building is under the soles of the shoes. Tropex floor mats protected floors internally. The risk of slipping and the cleaning and maintenance costs are minimized and effectively reduced. The ingress of dirt onto resilient floor coverings or tiles can erode the floor coating, damage the surface and significantly reduce the life expectancy of a floor covering.

The tropex floor mat is easy to keep clean

The surface beneath our floor mat is easy to clean due to its flexible handling. They can simply be rolled up and stored space-saving when not in use. If the floor mat is dirty, it can be easily cleaned with pure water. If the tropex floor mat has ever come into contact with oily products, a small amount of detergent in the water will suffice for a clean result.
tropex Bodenmatte bunt
Bodenmatte für Sauna blau

tropex floor mats are also suitable for machine workplaces

Thanks to their lattice-shaped structure, our floor mats make it much tiring to stand a long time on factory machines. The area under the mat is also easy to clean.


The advantages of our floor mats

Reduction of risk of slipping and stumbling

Reduced risk of fungal infection

Designed for a long life

Warm and comfortable for a pleasant barefoot feeling

Slip-resistant, durable surface

tested to international standards with the DIN 51097 skid resistance tests

Effective, multi-directional drainage

Easy removal for washing, cleaning and storage

Made in Germany

Öko-Blatt für nachhaltige Produktion

Production from recycled material

In the course of environmental protection, we try to use as much recycled material as possible.
Depending on the color of the floor mat, we use recycled material.
However, this can lead to minimal deviations for some colors.


Almost unlimited use, especially for swimming pools, changing rooms, barefoot or solarium areas, refrigerated counters, in front of lockers, in the boat and camping area, both indoors and outdoors and before machine workstations

DIN 51097 - Classification C

Welded construction for maintenance-free service life

Loose laying, no attachment to the floor necessary

Open grid construction with structured surface, consisting of flexible PVC profile with base bars

Flexible polyvinyl chloride (PVC) The mats are dyed through, both lead and cadmium free

From 20cm to 120 cm bar width up to a run length of 6 meters 

Color selection: (further color requests on request)

  • Grey
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • White
  • Beige
  • Sahara Powder White
  • Kalahari
  • Mojave
  • Light beige
  • Red
  • Dark Blue
  • Royal Blue
  • Anthracite
  • Dark Green
  • Black

Non-porous 100% PVC - inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungal infections

PVC is resistant to UV light

The mats are resistant to heat and cold


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